The association did not receive any general questions for the lawyer. The board is continuing to press on with taking care of the property this year and preparing for the potential sale of the property in 2022. We hope you all are able to enjoy your time at Ocean Forest Club this year.

If you need to get in touch with any of our board members you can contact us toll-free at (866) 799-4732 or locally at (843) 213-2689.

  • OFC RCI Exchange Representative

    (866) 799-4732 Ext.0

  • Billing & Assessments - Kelly Lee

    (866) 799-4732 Ext.1

  • General Manager - Buzz Robertson

    (866) 799-4732 Ext.2

  • Association President - Elaine Poovey

    (866) 799-4732 Ext.3

  • Rental Information - Gina Howard

    (866) 799-4732 Ext.700

  • Check-In Information- Buzz Robertson

    (866) 799-4732 Ext.701

  • Internet Use Issues - Ric Forbes

    (866) 799-4732 Ext.702

  • Emergency Contact - Buzz Robertson

    (866) 799-4732 Ext.703

  • OFC House 1 Representative - Ric Forbes

    (866) 799-4732 Ext.704

  • OFC House 2 Representative - Tally Roberts

    (866) 799-4732 Ext.705

  • OFC House 3 Representative - Elaine Poovey

    (866) 799-4732 Ext.706

  • OFC House 4 Representative - Bob Forbes

    (866) 799-4732 Ext.707

  • OFC House 5 Representative - Kelly Lee

    (866) 799-4732 Ext.708

  • OFC House 6 Representative - Gina Howard

    (866) 799-4732 Ext.709

  • OFC House 7 Representative - Elizabeth Foster

    (866) 799-4732 Ext.710

Looking for notes from our meetings or need the calendar to find your next date? The PDFs below will have all the information you need:


Weeks To Rent, Rent Out or Trade

Looking to Rent

Weeks owners are looking to rent are listed here.

Available to Rent

Weeks owners have available to rent are here.

Owner of Week 34(Aug 21st – 28th, 2021) would like to rent their week.

Please contact Gina Howard at (866) 799-4732 Ext.700 if you are interested.

Looking to Trade

Weeks owners would like to trade are listed here.

Owner of Week 32 would like to trade for a week toward the end of July.

  • Interested in renting, renting out or trading your week, Click here.

    If you are looking to trade a week with another owner, please fill out the form below:

    • By clicking submit, you agree to have your name and phone number and/or email address shared with other owners who wish to trade weeks.

OFC Week Calendars

Looking for your week, click here for the calendar of weeks(PDF) to find out when your stay will begin. If you are looking for your floating week dates from 2015 – 2030, identify which type of floating owner you are. Each calendar is in a PDF file, so you can easily view it, save it or print it!